Kills Viruses & Bacteria

PW technology is able to effectively kill viruses and bacteria with our strong energy field wave. The single pass sterilization rate for white staphylococcus is about 99.9%. Almost the same result on a single pass with H1N1 virus with 98.7%.

Fan Coil Unit Friendly Removes PM2.5

Different from traditional media filters, the pressure drop is only 1/3 of wind drag because there is no need to force air through a matrix of small air passages. The physics makes it easy to integrate with any venting system, it is much quieter and energy saving!

Washable Filter

The unique nano PP made filter is permanently washable with more than 5 years lifespan. The total running cost should be much lower than traditional media-filer products.



Return Air Unit

PW Technology, 0 space occupation, 0 material consumption, 0 noise and 0 ozone;

Remove 99% of PM2.5, methanal, influenza virus and other air pollutants.

Prevent influence on return air effect of air-conditioning with ultralow air resistance.


AHU Return Air Unit

  • High-efficiently kill viruses and bacteria (Above 99.96%)
  • High-efficiently remove air particles (Above MERV 14)
  • No material consumption, the filter is washable, no need to replace
  • Low energy consumption, safe and power-saving
  • Replace trasitional bad filter section of AHU, low air resistance
  • One-time purification efficiency is up to over 95%
  • Protect AHU and prevent filth blockage of air-conditioning system from affecting effect of refrigeration and heating

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